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        Tube and Transistor Radio's for Sale


All have had their capacitors changed, repaired, aligned and played many hours to assure reliability and carry a 1 year warranty.

 If interested in any of the radios below, copy and paste my e-mail address  into your mail program and provide the following information:

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Make and model of the radio

BC = Standard AM Broadcast Band

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         1929 Atwater-Kent Model 55, AM, AC, Metal case, 7 tubes. 21" Wide, 8" Tall, 11" Deep. Three knobs, from left to right - Local/Distant, Tuning, Volume and a on/off toggle switch. Radio has been completely restored, works great for its age (88 years old). Picks up a lot of stations on a 20 foot length of wire. Speaker type F4-A, has new grille cloth and does sound good. I would recommend a local pick up here in Dayton, Ohio due to the weight of the speaker and radio. Radio weights 50 pounds and the speaker 23 pounds. Will ship but it will be expensive. Radio does get warm so the top cover should be removed when playing. $450.00



1951 Zenith Model H-500, AC, Multiband, 5 tubes, 17" Wide, 11" Tall, 8" Deep, 17 pounds. Portable, black leatherette case, inner airplane dial & speaker grille, fold-up front, telescoping antenna, handle, 7 pushbutton band selectors, 4 tone switches, 2 knobs. Typical Zenith Quality. You have the standard broadcast band plus 6 shortwave bands to listen to all day and through the night. A fine shortwave receiver that you do not want to miss. Completely restored to last a long time. $285


1936 RCA Model 5T1, AC, BC/SW,
5 tubes, 13" Wide, 17" Tall, 8" Deep. Wood, center front dial, upper cloth grille with cut-outs, 4 knobs. Completely refurbished inside and out, a great performing radio in a nice looking case. $195


1958 Blaupunkt-Werke "
Ballett" Type 2500, AM/FM. 5 tubes, AC, 12" wide, 8" deep, 8" tall. The case had had a rough life. Many scratches and a piece missing on the bottom. Sprayed clear coat and it looks pretty good, not perfect. It is missing a push button for the FM. You can use your finger to select, no shock hazard. Now that we got that out of the way; this is a fine working and sounding radio. The Germans made the best radios back then, ours did not even come close. Great AM & FM reception, can't beat the sound. Has a push button for "Phono" -I've added a 3.5mm connector on the back for direct or wireless Bluetooth streaming of your music from your smartphone device when this button is pushed.  Don't miss this one! $150


1954 Zenith
Model L-515, AC, AM/Clock. 5 tubes, 13" Wide, 5" Deep, 6" Tall. Plastic, oblong case, right front dial, left alarm clock, center horizontal grille bars, 5 knobs.. A Very nice looking clock/radio. Clock does work, radio sounds good. A nice addition to your bedroom $165


1960 RCA
Model 1F2D, FM, AC, 5 tubes. 13" Wide, 8" Tall, 6" Deep. Plastic, front round dial over lattice grille area, 2 knobs. FM only. Radio shows some nicks but not many. Cabinet in good condition, On/Off/ Volume decals on left knob are worn off. Nice radio. $120


1950 Westinghouse
Model H-307T7, AM/FM, AC, 14" Wide, 9" Tall, 7" Deep, 7 Tubes. Brown plastic, lower front slide rule dial, upper horizontal louvers, 2 knobs.
Clear coat applied to cabinet, looks good. Nice working radio. $125



1954 RCA Model 3-BX-54, AM, AC. 11" Wide, 5" Deep, 8" Tall. 5 Tubes. Plastic case shows some wear but not bad. The on/off/volume knob is not original, but looks ok. Receives the AM broadcast band, has great reception and sound. Would make a great baseball radio. Completely restored. $99


1940 Crosley Model 11-AH, AM, AC, 12" Wide, 6" Deep, 9" Tall. Plastic case, right front dial, left wrap-around louvers, 2 knobs, lighted dial, receives the standard AM broadcast band, 5 tubes. A cute little radio that looks and sounds good. $95



1956 General Electric Model 474, AC, AM, 5 Tubes, 11 " Wide, 7" Tall, 5" Deep. Plastic, left front lattice grille, right front round dial, 2 knobs. Cute little table radio, works good. $110



Transistor Radios for Sale




1988 Realistic Model DX-440, 20-221A, Multiband. Battery & AC. 11" Wide, 6" Tall, 3" Deep. Direct entry communications receiver. Outstanding radio in great working condition. Batteries had leaked previously but has been cleaned up. Has a connection for an outside antenna.

Even has a BFO for CW/SSB listening. Good overall condition. $135

This is a great over-all portable shortwave receiver. Don't let it pass you by!




Zenith Model RC-52Y. 4 "AA" batteries or AC. 8" wide, 5" High, 3" deep. FM-AM-Public Service. What can I say about this fine radio. Typical Zenith quality. Case in good condition, telescopic antenna is complete, not broken. Great sound and reception. Pictures do not do it justice. This will be a hard one for me to give up, it is that good. $120


1964 Zenith Royal 820, AM/FM, 6 "C" cells required. 10" Wide, 4" Deep, 7" Tall. Lower left dial, vertical slide rule dial, right perforated chrome grille, telescopic antenna (good condition), top handle. I'm amazed at the quality Zenith puts into their radios. This is hand wired and is one great sounding radio! The leather on the ends of the radio has shrunk but don't let that be a negative. This is a keeper. $95.00


1965 RCA Victor Model RCH-45F, AM/FM, AC. 16" Wide, 11" Tall, 7" Deep. Beautiful Refinished Fruitwood cabinet, right side slide-rule tuning, below controls - Loudness, Tone & Function. Big speaker on the left. Completely refurbished, cabinet and radio. This is not only a beautiful looking radio but the sound is fantastic! Don't miss this one. $195


960 Emerson "Atlas", Model 888, AM, 4 "AA" batteries.6.5" Tall, 4" Wide, 2" Deep. Upper round tuning dial, left volume knob, lower line patterned grill, swing handle. A nice radio, some chips missing in plastic case (see pictures), small dent in upper right part of the speaker grill, otherwise it works great. $85


1958 Zenith
Royal 300. AM, 4 AA batteries, 4" Wide, 6" Tall, 11/2" Deep.  Upper right round porthole tuning, left side thumbwheel volume, lower horizontal grill bars with lower right crest, plastic case with a swing handle. Case shows some wear but is in good condition, no cracks or chips. Radio works and sounds great. $85


1960 Zenith
Royal 500E-1 AM, 4AA Batteries, 4" Wide, 6" Tall, 11/2 " Deep. Upper "owl eyes" tuning, lower round perforated chrome grille, swing handle, "Royal 500 Long Distance" on chrome plate with crest. This radio has been well used. Chrome plating around 'owl eyes" is worn as is a spot below the crest. The round speaker chrome grill is dented and has a small slit in the middle which is hard to see. The plastic case shows wear but is complete without any missing chips or cracks. The radio itself works great. These Royal 500's are my favorites. A great radio. $75


1968 RCA, Model RLD 13Y, AC, AM/Clock radio. 9" Wide, 6" Tall, 4" Deep. The clock has a new motor and the radio has been refurbished. A nice radio/clock combination. $75


1960's Elgin, Model unknown. AM/Clock radio 4" x4" x4". AC. Clock and radio work good. crack in case on upper right side. Otherwise the case in good condition. $65


1963 Channel Master Model 6505, AM, 4 AA batteries, 6" Wide, 3" Tall, 2" Deep. Right square dial, 2 lower knobs, table style, left perforated chrome plastic grille. Radio was actually made by Panasonic. Plastic radio case is missing a piece on the upper right side by the back cover. Case does show wear, not bad though. Works great. $55
 Now $45



1960's Best Tone, no model number, AM, 9 Volt battery. A well used shirt pocket radio - judging by the condition of the case. Leather case is still in one piece, plastic radio case is ok also. This radios performance is one of the best. Good sound and reception. $65



1961 Americana Model FC60, AM 9 Volt battery. Right side peephole dial, right side thumb-wheel volume, lower perforated chrome grille. Missing small chip of plastic on the bottom, light scratches on the back cover, otherwise in good condition. Good performing radio with good sound and reception. $75.



 1965 General Electric Model P-1818D, AM/FM, 9 volt battery. 5" Tall, 7" Wide, 21/2" Deep. 10 Transistors, Upper right front round two-band dial, lower AM/FM switch, horizontal grill bars, fold-down handle. Static sounds while tuning AM, otherwise works great, plenty of volume. $65.00 Now $55




1970 Sanyo Model RP-1250, AM, 2ea "AA" batteries, case shows a lot of wear, plastic on dial is a little foggy, radio works great. $65.00 Now $55




Viscount Model 832, AM, 9 volt battery, 2" Wide, 4.5" Tall, 1.25" Deep. Case shows some wear, radio has good reception and sound. $55.00





1959 Admiral Model Y2127, AM, 6 "AA" cells,  51/4" Tall, 9" Wide, 21/2" Deep. Tahiti an leather, eight transistors, right front round dial, left horizontal grill bars with on/off/volume knob, crown logo, leather handle. Leather case shows some wear but not bad for its age. Radio has good reception and sound; a great baseball radio. $75.00



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1963 Sony, Model TR-752, AM, 3 "C" Cells, 7" Wide, 4" Tall, 2" Deep. Volume Control on left side, tuning on right, tone switch front bottom right, red Light button top left. Big speaker sound with plenty of volume and sounds great too! Some light scratches on dial plate, works great. $40.00



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1963 GE Transistor, Model P-880B. AM, AC or "D" Cells. 10' Wide, 7" High, 3" Deep. Front louvered plastic grill, right and left side knobs, top handle, white. A nice Looking and sounding radio. $75.00 Now $65



Suntone AM/FM Juke Box Radio, 4 "AA" Batteries, 5" Wide, 6" Tall, 3" Wide. Works good, $25.00