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Are you frustrated because you cannot find out how much it will cost to repair your radio?????

   Look no more!!!!

For Pricing please see the "Tube and Transistor" repair pages to the left.

To send in your radio, see the "Send In your Radio" page to the left.


Typical Repair Cost:

5 or 6 Tube Radios - $200 - $300

7 or 8 Tube Radios - $250 - $350

Pre-1935 radios  - $300 to $400

AM Transistor Radios   - $75.00 Flat Rate

Transistor AM/FM -$45.00/Hour - 2 Hour Minimum


Car Radios

 AM Tube Car Radio's only - see "Tube Radio Repair " page to the left.


 Do not plug in your radio if it has been sitting in the garage for the past ten years! You could get a shock and maybe damage your radio.


Note: The worse thing you can do to any antique tube or transistor radio is to not play it! They are full of mechanical switches and contacts that need to be operated. The radio will not last longer if not used. Just the opposite. So play and enjoy your refurbished radio. 


Are you a Returning Customer?

All returning customers receive a 10% discount on tube radio repairs and tube radio purchases from this website.

    Special of the Month!

I just took this little gem off the shelf to get it ready for another customer, and I just could not understand why this cute little radio has not sold. Yes, it has only AM but it does have great reception and sound, and its so cute!!! Check out the pictures and see if you agree. 


1948 Arvin Model 358-T, AC, AM, 5 tubes, 10" Wide, 6" Tall, 6" Deep. Plastic, left raised half-round dial over horizontal wrap-around louvers, 2 knobs and a lighted dial. A cute little radio, shows some wear on the cabinet, has good sound and reception. $85 



Want to stream music through your Antique Radio from your Smartphone, iPod or MP3 Player?

Go to EBay or Amazon and search for a "Bluetooth Music Receiver".  These can be connected to the 3.5mm connector that I will install into your radio for $45 in most cases.

Here is how it works

 When you place the "Bluetooth Music Receiver" into the installed 3.5mm connector, your smartphones Bluetooth will connect (wirelessly) to the "Bluetooth Music Receiver". Then you can play your music, Pandora, ITunes, etc., through your radio. 

Or Connect direct

If your device has a ear phone, you can plug your device directly into the installed 3.5mm connector using a cable with male 3.5mm plugs on each end.


Please note

 It will not be possible to safely install the 3.5mm connector into radios designed without a power transformer. These are usually radios manufactured in the 50's. I will let you know if your radio can have this upgrade.


This does not work well with all radios. It just depends on the design of the radio itself. Some installations work great, others do not. I cannot correct the original circuitry, but I will do my best.


Bluetooth capability does bring your antique radio into present and that's neat because you can send music and FM radio through your radio.

It will not sound like your home stereo or car radio. Home music equipment today delivers many watts of power to give you that great bass sound. Unfortunately, your 70 year old radio may on a good day deliver one watt of audio power.  Your smartphone/Bluetooth does not put out much volume either. Adding a pre-amplifier between your smartphone/Bluetooth and your radio will boost the volume to your radio.


FM Radios

Those of you looking for a good antique radio with FM, try looking at the German radios manufactured in the 50s -60's. Names of those manufactures are Graetz, Grundig, Nordmende, Saba and Telefunken. I know that I have left out some manufactures, but you get the idea.  These radios have great reception and wonderful sound. American radios with FM before 1960 were terrible. These German radios have AM, FM, Shortwave and usually a phono input for Bluetooth.

               Here are 2 that I have for sale.                



1959 NordMende Sterling Elektra USA,
AM/FM/Shortwave. 15" Wide, 11" Tall, 8" deep, 16 pounds. You just cannot beat a German radio. They made the best radios during this time. This one has great sound and reception. It is not perfect though. It has 2 shortwave bands (SW1 & SW2) and SW1 does not work. This used to be the Police band but they are no longer using it. Not much on that band now so you are not missing anything. SW2 works fine. Don't let that missing band stop you from enjoying great sound especially on FM. $150


1959 Braun Model TS 3A-8U,
AM/FM/SW, 9 Tubes, 24" Wide, 13" Tall, 11" Deep 33 Pounds. Now THIS is a radio. German made, the best sounding AM FM radio of its time. 2 big speakers, great reception and then there is that sound. As I said above, you cannot beat a German radio. This is a BIG radio but has BIG sound, look at its dimensions above. For local pickup only.  $225



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