Tom's Antique Radio Repair

Lets Get That Old Radio of Yours Working Again!

Transistor Radio Repair




AM transistor radio's

Flat Rate Repair - $75.00

 The flat rate does include the replacement of most of the electrolytic capacitors. The 1st 5 are free, the rest @ $3.95 ea. Most AM radios only have 5, AM/FM's will have more. 

What is not included in the flat rate?  

 Antennas, batteries, battery holders, controls, diodes, speaker replacement/repair, transformers or transistors.

Your radio will cost $75.00 plus shipping unless it needs any of the above parts.

Small AM/FM & Multiband transistor radio's

$45/hour plus parts w/2hr min.

Larger AM/FM radios will be a $67.50 plus parts with a 2 hour minimum.

Zenith TransOceanic radios

Repair rate for a transistor multiband radio is $67.50 labor plus parts with a 2 hour minimum. 

What to send with your radio?  

Send battery(s) with your radio - except radios using " C or D" cells. They are too heavy.

If it has a removable leather case, please leave that at home.

No micro-mini radios - 3 x3 or smaller!


How to send in your radio 

See the "Send In Your Radio" page to the left.

Do not send any money with your radio.