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Zenith Radios


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These are fantastic radios made by Zenith. The pictures above and the model numbers below all have one thing in common. They will usually have tone controls on one side of the dial, and station pre-set controls on the other. If your radio was made in the 40's, they were built using rubber coated wires. After 60 years, this rubber coating is now crumbling and the exposed wires can cause a shock or a fire.


Due to the time involved in changing the wires in theses two controls and the wires underneath the chassis, these models could be charged an extra 3 hours of labor at $45.00 per hour.  Most of the 1940s Zeniths I have worked on have needed some of these wires changed. NOT ALL will need  all of the these wires changed. Usually it is 2 - 3 hours.

These are nice radios that will perform and sound great after repair.


Below are some Zenith models that have the dual controls:


6-J-436, 6-J-463, 6-R-631, 6-S-632, 6-S-656, 7-S-323, 7-S-363, 7-S-529, 7-S-530, 7-S-558, 7-S-582, 7-S-629, 7-S-630, 7-S-632, 7-S-633, 7-S-634, 7-S-657, 7-S-657, 7-S-682, 7-S-685, 7-S-733, 8-A-02, 8-S-531, 8-S-548, 8-S-563, 8-S-647, 8-S-661, 9-H-081, 9-H-881, 9-S-324, 9-S-344, 9-S-367, 9-S-369, 10-A-3, 10-H-571, 10-H-573, 10-S-531, 10-S-566, 10-S-567, 10-S-571, 10-S-668, 10-S-669, 10-S-690, 11-S-474, 11-S-475, 12-A-3, 12-H-092, 12-H-093, 12-H-650, 12-H-670, 12-H-689, 12-S-350, 12-S-370, 12-S-371, 12-S-371, 12-S-471, 12-S-475, 12-S-494, 12-S-569, 12-S-595, 15-S-373, 15-S-469.