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These are items that have either been around too long, are duplicates or ones that I could not repair. The radios that do work will be completely checked out before shipping. The ones that do not work, you are buying "as-is".

 I will be adding more to this list so check back often. 

If interested in any of the items below, copy and paste my e-mail address into your mail program and provide the following information:

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1940'S Radio, Make and model unk., AC, AM, 5 tubes, 13" wide, 9" tall, 8" deep. Original finish, new grille cloth, 2 knobs, lighted dial. Even though we do not know who made this radio, it does work great and has good sound. Different looking style but it is nice. 



1963 Bulova Model 830, transistor watch radio in its original case with operating instructions and earphone. I had replaced the electrolytic capacitors and the radio still did not work. I was going to order a schematic when I noticed the the clock was missing the stem to set the time. 




1970 Realistic Model 12-634, AM/FM, 9 volt battery, works good.




1960's Grand, no model number, AM, 4 AAA cells, 8 transistor, 6" Wide, 3" Tall, 11/2" Deep. Leather case shows some wear, not bad for its age, radio is in great condition since it has been in the protective case. Works Great.




General Electric Tetechron, model unknown, AC.8" wide, 6" Tall, 3" Deep. Wood cabinet refinished. Looks and works good. Minimum $35.




Chronmaster Electric Clock, AC, 8" Wide, 81/2" High, 3" Deep. Not self starting. There is a knob on the back that you turn to start the clock if the power is interrupted. Case refinished, works great.  Minimum $35



Hammond "Chancellor" Electric Clock, AC, 7" Wide, 9" Tall, 3" Deep. Case refinished, not self starting. There is a knob on the back that you turn to start the clock if the power is interrupted. Runs for awhile and then quits, needs cleaning. Beautiful.  Minimum $35



48 Volt DC, 3 Amp Linear Supply, Model IHD48-3 



36 Volt AC Output Transformer, 120 Volt Input. 

No center tap on secondary output.