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Atwater-Kent Type E Speaker. Unit does not work, no continuity. Cone is in good shape. I had planned to refurbish but never got around to doing it. Like to see it put to good use instead of sitting in my basement. 16" tall, 13" wide, weighs 11 pounds. $95.00  



1932 Philco Models 89 & 19 Series Cathedral Cabinet. Has been stripped, stained and a few coats of Tune Oil varnish applied to the inside before stopping. The radio could not be repaired. Nice cabinet in excellent shape. $75.00


1933 Philco Model 81"Junior" Cathedral Cabinet. Completely refinished inside and out. Great condition, looks great! $75.00




Both are brand new, boxes were opened but never connected. Bought for the bedroom tv without checking if they could be connected. They couldn't because the tv is too old. Amazon TV stick - $39.00 new, Radio Shack Amplified UHF/VHF Indoor HDTV Antenna 15-254 - $21.99 new, bundled price $40.00  




Heathkit Model TO-1 AM alignment test oscillator. $65.00




RCA Tube Caddy, 17" Wide, 12" Tall, 8" Deep. Mostly tv tubes. Handle broke off shortly after these pictures, 10 pounds. $75.00